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Welcome to Moose Jaw Cardiac Centre

Together in caring, reducing cardiovascular disease & building a better future

Proudly serving Saskatchewan since 1999

Complete Cardiac Care

Moose Jaw Cardiac Centre is an outpatient clinic opened with the vision and aim to provide comprehensive cardiac care in southern Saskatchewan. Our multidisciplinary team of experienced medical professionals are committed to promoting heart health, cardiovascular risk prevention and risk management in Moose Jaw and the surrounding areas.

What to expect at your first appointment:

Your physician will review your condition and medical history.  If requested by your primary caregiver, testing will also be done to help evaluate your overall heart health.

Our Clinic

At Moose Jaw Cardiac Centre (MJCC) our patients are our number one priority. We value our role in helping you improve your cardiac care and heart health, which is why we use some of the most advanced non-invasive technologies to diagnosis, monitor and treat cardiac conditions.

Our Services

Stress Echocardiogram

A stress echo is an exercise test that evaluates the heart using both EKG and an ultrasound technology. 

Heart Monitor

A heart monitor records abnormal electrical activity of the heart as it happens throughout the day.


A echocardiogram test records heart motion, wall thickness and the structure and function of heart valves.